ICRA 2019, RA-L, AHFE, and ACM CSUR Papers Accepted

The following new research publications have been accepted:

-S. McGuire, P.M. Furlong, T. Fong, C. Heckman, D.J. Szafir, S. Julier, and N.
, “Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes: Validation of Adaptive Recovery in
Robotic Space Operations,”  accepted to IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters and ICRA 2019 — congratulations, Steve!

-J. Stechschulte, N. Ahmed, and C. Heckman, “Low-overlap 3-D point
cloud registration with Bayesian outlier rejection,” accepted to ICRA 2019 — congratulations, John (from Prof. Chris Heckman’s ARPG research group)!

-B. Israelsen and N. Ahmed, “‘Dave…I can assure you…it’s going to be alright…’:
A definition, case for, and survey of algorithmic assurances in human-autonomy trust
ACM Computing Surveys, v.51 no.6, Jan 2019, 113:1-113:37 — congratulations, Brett!

-B. Israelsen, N. Ahmed, E. Frew, D. Lawrence, and B. Argrow, “Machine Self-Confidence in Autonomous Systems via Meta-Analysis of Decision Processes,” accepted to the 2019 Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference (AHFE 2019)congratulations, Brett!

FUSION 2018 Papers and RT-DUNE Workshop Paper Accepted

The COHRINT Lab will present 3 new papers at international conferences this summer :

“Flexible Semantic Human-Robot Sensing in Unknown Environments using Dynamic Information Gathering Policies,” by L. Burks and N. Ahmed (2018 ICRA RT-DUNE Workshop, Brisbane, Australia);

“Closed-loop Bayesian Semantic Data Fusion for Collaborative Human-Autonomy Target Search,” by L. Burks, I. Loefgren, L. Barbier, J. Muesing, J. McGinley, S. Vunnam, and N.Ahmed (FUSION 2018, Cambridge, UK);

“Weak in the NEES?: Auto-tuning Kalman Filters with Bayesian Optimization,” by Z. Chen, C. Heckman, S. Julier, and N. Ahmed (FUSION 2018, Cambridge, UK);