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Workshop and Non-Archival Conference Papers


N. Conlon, N. Ahmed, and D. Szafir, “Dynamic Competency Self-Assessment for Autonomous Agents,” in the 2023 HRI workshop on Variable Autonomy for human-robot Teaming (VAT-HRI), Stockholm, SE,


N. Conlon, D. Szafir, and N. Ahmed, “Investigating the Effects of Robot Proficiency Self-Assessment on Trust and Performance,” in the 2022 AAAI Spring Symposium: “Closing the Assessment Loop: Communicating Proficiency and Intent in Human-Robot Teaming, Palo Alto, CA,


S. Wakayama and N. Ahmed, “Interactive Delayed Observation POMDPs for Exploration of Uncertain Environments,” in the 2020 RSS Workshop on Explainable and Trustworthy Robot Decision Making for Scientific Data Collection (ETRDM), Virtual.


M. Walker, S. McGuire, J. McGinley, T. Clark, D. Szafir, N. Ahmed, and J. Burns, “Autonomous Advisor Trust for Distal Lunar Rover Teleoperation in a Virtual Reality Simulation Testbed,” in the 2018 RSS Workshop on Autonomous Space Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA.

L. Burks and N. Ahmed, “Flexible Semantic Human-Robot Sensing in Unknown Environments using Dynamic Information Gathering Policies,” to appear in the 2018 ICRA Workshop on Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments (RT-DUNE), Brisbane, Australia.


S. McGuire, P.M. Furlong, and N. Ahmed, “On the Development of an Online Assistant Selection Dataset for Planetary Exploration Systems,” 2017 RSS Workshop on Bridging the Gap in Space Robotics, Cambridge, MA.

Luke Burks and Nisar Ahmed, “Optimal Continuous State Planning with Semantic Observations,” to appear in the 2017 Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making, Ann Arbor, MI.


Brett Israelsen and Nisar Ahmed, “Hybrid Repeat/Multi-point Sampling for Highly Volatile Objective Functions,” 2016 NIPS Workshop on Bayesian Optimization, Barcelona, Spain.

Stephen McGuire, Padraig Michael Furlong, Christoffer Heckman, Simon Julier, Daniel Szafir, and Nisar Ahmed, “Teamwork Across the Stars: Machine Learning to Overcome the Brittleness of Autonomy,” 2016 IROS Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning Through Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control, Daejon, Korea, 2016.

Nicholas Sweet and Nisar Ahmed, “Toward Natural Language Semantic Sensing in Dynamic State Spaces,” RSS 2016 Workshop on Model Learning for Human-Robot Communication, Ann Arbor, MI.

Matthew Aitken, Nisar Ahmed, Dale Lawrence, Brian Argrow, and Eric Frew, “Assurances and Machine Self-Confidence for Enhanced Trust in Autonomous Systems,” RSS 2016 Workshop on Social Trust in Autonomous Robots, Ann Arbor, MI.


Nisar Ahmed and Nicholas Sweet, “Softmax Modeling of Piecewise Semantics in Arbitrary State Spaces for ‘Plug and Play’ Human-Robot Sensor Fusion,” presented at the RSS 2015 Workshop on Model Learning for Human-Robot Communication, Rome, Italy.


Nisar Ahmed, Ewart de Visser, Tyler Shaw, Amira Mohammed-Ameen, Raja Parasuraman, and Mark Campbell, “A Look at Probabilistic Gaussian Process, Bayes Net, and Classifier Models for Prediction and Verification of Human Supervisory Performance,” presented at the AAAI 2014 Spring Symposium Workshop on Formal Verification and Modeling of Human-Machine Systems, Palo Alto, CA.

Nisar Ahmed, Rina Tse, and Mark Campbell, “Enabling Robust Human-Robot Cooperation through Flexible Fully Bayesian Shared Sensing”, presented at the AAAI 2014 Spring Symposium Workshop on The Intersection of Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems, Palo Alto, CA.

2013 and older

Nisar Ahmed, Tsung-Lin Yang, and Mark Campbell, “On Generalized Bayesian Data Fusion with Complex Models in Large Scale Networks,” presented at 2013 WISeNET Workshop, Duke University.

Nisar Ahmed, et al. “Towards Cooperative Bayesian Human-Robot Perception: Theory, Experiments, and Opportunities,” presented at the AAAI 2013 Workshop on Intelligent Robotic Systems, Bellevue, WA.

Book Chapters

Nisar R. Ahmed, Simon J. Julier, Jonathan R. Schoenberg, and Mark E. Campbell, “Decentralized Bayesian Fusion in Networks with Non-Gaussian Uncertainties,” Multisensor Data Fusion: From Algorithm and Architecture Design to Applications (H. Fourati and K. Iniewski, Eds.), CRC Press, 2015.