Latest Updates…

Lots of exciting lab news to catch up on:

  • Congratulations to the COHRINT Lab’s first PhD graduates Dr. Steve McGuire (AES) and Dr. Brett Israelsen (CS), who successfully defended their PhD theses this past summer!
  • Welcome to our three newest Aerospace PhD students: Aastha Acharya, Ofer Dagan, and Shohei Wakayama!
  • Congratulations to Luke Burks and Ian Loefgren, whose papers were accepted to and presented at the 2019 FUSION Conference in Ottawa this past summer:
    • L. Burks and N. Ahmed, “Collaborative Semantic Data Fusion with Dynamically Observable Decision Processes”.
    • I. Loefgren, N. Ahmed, E. Frew, C. Heckman, S. Humbert “Scalable Event-Triggered Data Fusion for Autonomous Cooperative Swarm Localization”.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Manni  whose paper was presented at the 2019 AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialists Conference in Portland, Maine in August:
    • J. Manni, J. McMahon, and N. Ahmed, “Addressing Varying Lighting Conditions with Application to Terrain Relative Navigation”.
  • Congratulations to Aastha Acharya, Ofer Dagan, Shohei Wakayama, AES M.S. graduate Ben Mellinkoff (from Prof. Jack Burns’ lab at CU Boulder) and AES Ph.D. student Ian Elliot (from Prof. Natasaha Bosanac’s lab at CU Boulder) for each getting their first-author papers accepted to the upcoming 2020 AIAA InfoTech Conference in January!
  • Finally, the COHRINT lab has moved to the new Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building on East Campus — check out more about the new building here:

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